Phần mềm in mã vạch Labelview Pro


Mã: LABELVIEW PRO Danh mục: ,

Mô tả

Print-only version x x
Network version x x
Virtual machine product available (tested and supported on virtual machines) x x
Printer code converter x x
Label samples x x
Undo x x
Unicode font support x x
Variables (previously known as hidden objects) x x
Import graphic formats (bmp, pcx, jpg, tif, etc.) x x
Color support x x
Color graphic file reduction x x
Graphical, native and custom barcode support x x
2D barcode support x x
HIBC support x x
Multi-level password protection x x
Label specific passwords x x
Label previews x x
Multilingual support (25 languages) x x
MIL 129/MIL 130L label samples x x
Citrix Server/Terminal Support (Network_only) (Network_only)
Unlimited fields x x
Print/export to picture or to file x x
TextArt Objects / Rich TextField Objects x x
OLE object support (embedded Word files, Excel files, etc.)   x
Counters linked to additional fields x x
Log file support   x
Job modifier scripts   x
Database Manager x x
OLE and ODBC support x x
Key field access to database records x x
Table view/print x x
DSN file support x x
Customized SQL queries/SQL Query Builder Wizard x x
Flexible data and time stamping x x
Variable graphic images x x
Global/shared serial files   x
Formulas x x
Add a fixed offset to date x x
Add a variable offset to date   x
Data from text files   x
Accumulator files   x
Set input format x x
Pick List data entry x x
Minimum input length< x x
Directly modify printer code with Job Modifer utility   x
User-definable reports generated from label log files   x
Pocket Printing support   (Withaddon)
Customizable data input screens for printing   (Withaddon)