Máy in Datamax-O’Neil 4te


Với tiêu chuẩn kiên quyết, các 4t / 4te được thiết kế để chịu được trong suốt cả những ứng dụng di động trừng phạt nhất, bao gồm nhiều 6 ft giảm xuống bê tông.Các bản in 4t / 4te chất lượng vượt trội thu 4-inch, bằng chứng về việc giao hàng, nhãn, và hóa đơn. Các 4t đi kèm với Serial và IrDA truyền thông. Các 4te là mỗi bit như là gồ ghề như 4t nhưng nó cung cấp tăng cường tốc độ xử lý (nhanh hơn 10 lần), công suất lớn hơn bộ nhớ, kết nối USB Tình trạng đèn điện, sạc bên ngoài, và tùy chọn Bluetooth và kết nối không dây 802.11b / g

Các tinh năng nổi bật :

  • 4 “máy in nhiệt trực tiếp
  • 4.10 “[104 mm] in rộng
  • Chiều rộng 4.41 “[112 mm] phương tiện truyền thông
  • Tùy chọn Bluetooth hoặc 802.11b / g kết nối

Thông số kỹ thuật:

The 4t/4te has many outstanding features that offer equally outstanding benefits. Below is a brief list of the features and benefits you will experience using the 4t/4te printer.

  • Ultra Rugged – Passed 6 ft. (1.8 m) drop test
  • Exclusive Features – Advanced 32-bit architecture RISC processor for light-speed processing, LED lights to indicate Bluetooth, charging and power status, and an external DC jack for easy charging
  • Many Options to fit your specific needs – Optional Bluetooth or 802.11b/g connectivity, magnetic stripe card reader, and linerless printing capability
  • Handheld Compatibility – Supports a wide variety of hand-held computers from leading manufacturers
  • Print Quality – 203 dpi resolution
  • Fonts – Stores fonts, graphics and operating system in Flash memory; supports international character sets and any Bitstream® bitmap font
  • Graphics – Supports the printing of graphics, 1D bar codes, 2D symbologies, and signature capture
  • Endurance – Intelligent power management and programmable sleep mode for extended battery life
  • Battery – Unlike competitors’ printers, the battery is included in the purchase price. And when it’s time to replace the battery, the microFlash printers use economical replacement batteries
  • Charging Options – External charge contacts, AC adapter, or 12V vehicle cigarette lighter adapter
  • Warranty – Comes with the industry’s only two-year standard warranty – twice that of the competition!


  • Increased productivity – Using a reliable printer means your operation will run smoothly without downtime or handwritten receipts. The microFlash family is the most rugged and reliable printer series available with a proven design to keep mobile workers productive and your customers satisfied.
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) – Save money on expensive extended warranties and repairs. Everyone agrees that reliability is important to the success of an application, but Datamax-O’Neil is the only company to stand behind its mobile thermal printers with a 2-year warranty.

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